Everyone Deserves a New Start!

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Why Choose NSCC?

New Start Credit Consulting is different. We focus and pride ourselves on education and lifelong credit health rather than radical fixes and immediate promises. While we can help you see an immediate improvement in your score our approach will help you see long term results and help you reach your goals. In addition, we offer a free initial consultation where we discuss with you how it is possible to improve your credit on your own.

In addition, New Start Credit Consulting is different because:

  • Our FREE one on one consultations are designed to educate and inform. NSCC offers one of the most comprehensive and informative consultations you will find on credit and the credit system. This is where you’ll learn some in-depth strategies on how to drastically improve your credit health. In addition, we use credit industry software tools to pinpoint exactly what to pay down first in order to get the biggest and quickest positive impact to your credit scores!
  • We offer Credit Education Classes. This class offers critical information to consumers regarding credit reports. Learn the ins and outs of the FICO scoring model and how to improve your credit score right away! This one hour class proves to be very eye opening and enlightening class for all.

 Why Should You Consider NSCC?

  • Expand your knowledge of credit
  • Improved overall credit health
  • Improved financial health
  • Certified Credit Consultants
  • Lower interest rates
  • Service warranty guarantee


Improved Credit Scores

Lower Mortgate Interest Rates

Lower Credit Card Interest Rates

Lower Auto Loan Interest Rates

Save Money

Get Credit Educated

Committed to You!


"Thanks, [NSCC]!

You truly have changed my life and I am so glad for that! My house should close by early next week. I remain committed to fixing the outstanding issues so that this is just the first step towards a new life for me and my kids. I'll be in touch next week!"

Marcia, Client

"I owe so much thanks to you! Without your services, we wouldn’t be moving into our first home together (we closed escrow on Dec. 23rd).

So, thank yo,u thank you, thank you! I will send all our friends/family your way if the need comes up for your services."

Julianne, Client

“I suggest contacting the credit consultant that many of the loan officers in our office use regularly. She is truly  “The Enforcer” when it comes to forcing accurate reporting in situations like yours.”

Ray, Big Valley Mortgage